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meet your Stylists rachel and wendy

say hello to Rachel Worden

  • Rachel founded popular style agency Ruby Slippers Styling in 2011, after spending a decade in the corporate world. Together with her team of super stylists, they’ve styled guys and girls of all ages and helped them find the perfect look for their shape, lifestyle and budget. Believing beauty is what is beneath your skin, Ruby Slippers’ simply help their clients to polish their outside and make that shine!.
  • Her style philosophy is ‘less is more’….be ruthless, clear out of your wardrobe what you don’t wear and shop for what you need.
  • She lives in her favourite city… Sydney with her husband, their gorgeous son and a rather large shoe collection.

and also hola to Wendy Mak

  • Wendy is a style & fashion mentor, and author of the book “The Terrific Thirty – 1000 Outfits from 30 Pieces”.
  • As the stylist other stylists learn from, Wendy has been training hundreds of fashion stylists since 2010. With her top-shelf style knowledge + down to earth, straight forward teaching style, she’lll make Not About Size easy, simple and FUN.
  • Wendy’s style philosophy is to make fashion fun! She is not a slave to trends and believes in evolving your style as your shape + lifestyle changes.
  • In her spare time, Wendy enjoys shopping for shoes, red wine and hanging on the couch with her two bulldogs Dora + Iggy (and sometimes her husband). She also blogs at
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